Empower Your Purpose: 7 Keys to Achieve Success and Fulfill Your Destiny

Jared Sawyer Jr., author of Walking In Victory, reveals how to align your destiny and God's will for your life to empower your purpose.

What does it mean to empower your purpose? It means to live consciously and intentionally. It means to become the most magnificent version of yourself there is. This happens through the achievement of success by expanding your natural skills and achieving life transformations that push the boundaries of possibility.

Upon the culmination of reading this book, you will have fully visualized your purpose and empowered your life, which will ultimately change your world.


Rev. Jared Sawyer Jr. acclaims a 15 year career as an author, actor, and preacher since the age of 5. With millions of YouTube views and 200,000 followers on social media, Jared garners thousands in attendance at his renown youth and young adult conferences annually and has published three books. A YouTube Sensation with millions of hits, Jared has been known as the “voice of today’s generation”.

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About The Author

Jared Andre’ Sawyer Jr. is a young man of vision, ambition, and spirituality. A classic example of the anointing operating in Sawyer’s life, is when he was just 5, he was called by God in a dream into the gospel ministry; now having have preached for more than half of his life...